Roll of Honour - World War Memorial Sites

World War Memorials
We offer a specialised document management archiving and database solution for schools who wish to build a lasting dedication to alumni who fought and participated in World War I and World War II.

SDS School Records Management can archive all manner of materials, including complete year books, journals, photographs, registers, military and community records, letters, Rolls of Honour, diaries, memorabilia, ephemera, OTC/CCF Records, news cuttings, personal memoirs, and even film and Magic Lantern slides.

From this source material, SDS can produce either a basic package, which contains all the scanned documentation, indexed, and searchable via a bespoke database; or a more advanced online solution with varying degrees of visitor interactivity (including calendars, featured articles, blog and comments areas).

Both packages include bespoke design and build of an online portal, and costs include the first 1,000 items (a photograph, for example, constitutes one item). Additional items can be added as an when required for a nominal fee.

SDS has already created war memorial archives for the following schools:

  • Harrow School
    WWI Memorial Website
  • Eton College
    “List of Etonians who Fought in the Great War”
  • Rugby School
    WWI Memorial Albums
  • St John’s School Leatherhead
    WWI Memorial Website
  • Hurstpierpoint College
    WWI Memorial Website
  • Cheltenham College
    WWI Old Cheltonians & Masters list book
  • The Queens Royal Regiment of Surrey
    WWI Diaries. A day by day account of their activity and losses
  • Wellington College
    WWI Archives including:
    WCOTC Records 14-15-16 to Q16 1914-16;
    Dedication of War Memorial Order of Service 1922;
    Grindle memoir of College 1916-19;
    Behind the German Lines 1921 (Capt. C.F.L. Templer (OW) escape from POW camp);
    Ridley school reports 1918-19;
    List of OWs in armed forces 1914;
    Stirling Letters sent home 1916-26;
    Wellington College Pink Roll 1917;
    Packet of Williams letters and ephemera 1912-17

World War Memorials

Our archives provide pertinent historical information for today’s generations, and commemorate the memories of soldiers who fought in the Great War with a dedicated historical archive.