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The SDS Group is one of the country’s leading scanning bureaus. At our offices we can scan and archive a complete range of paper documents.

Our range of document scanning includes:

  • Normal A4 paper
    We have the capacity to scan and convert between 12,000 and 40,000 A4 sheets of paper per day
  • Black and white
    Documents from the size of a business card through to A0, including engineering diagrams, maps, and architectural plans
  • Colour
    We are one of the few organisations in the country who own an A0 colour scanner. Documents the size of a business card, or as large as 47” x 33” can be digitally converted at our bureau
  • Photographs
    We can process up to 3,000 colour photographs per day, ranging in sizes from as small a postage stamp through to anything as large as one metre in width, by 20 metres in length
  • Other media
    We also have the facility to convert existing microfiche and microfilm archives to electronic files and incorporate them into the resultant document management solution (DMS). This includes conversion of microfiche, aperture cards, and 16mm or 35mm roll film

Our comprehensive range of equipment ensures that regardless of whether we are dealing with 100,000 pages of personnel records or the most fragile document, the largest plan, or longest photo, all can be scanned safely and efficiently. Every item is individually handled by our staff. Below are just some of the equipment we have in our bureau.

Planetary Scanners

With precious or fragile books it is often necessary to use a planetary scanner to safeguard the spine of the book. Our specialist overhead or planetary book scanners can be used to scan all kinds of books, and can facilitate many different sizes, thicknesses and types of bindings. It is especially easy on battered old volumes, or rare and priceless books.

Face-up scanning

These scanners feature a unique v-shaped book cradle and transparent plate to help protect bindings. Scanning is performed without laying out books flat and applying undesirable or unnecessary force to their bindings.

Large Format Scanners

Plans up to A0 size can be scanned, as well as documents up to ten metres in length.


Scanning services

A single CD-ROM can store up to approximately 30,000 sheets of scanned A4 paper documents, or upto 3,000 large format A0 drawings.

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