Journals and Publications

Journals and publications
We can take any type of magazine, journal or publication and build a useful and lasting archive. This historic archive of your school’s publications could from sources diverse as glossy magazines or original single page newsletters...

SDS School Records Management can work with any material whether it’s a combination of black and white, or greyscale images (such as engravings or sketches) or full-colour printed publication.

Everything is carried out in-house, from scanning and processing, to bespoke database development and web design. Our client-specific products and scanning services offer the following:

  • All pages are scanned at the optimum resolution for your finished product. Where the original volumes are bound, we can process them without causing distress or damaging the original documents.
  • All pages are “OCR’d”, which means that the content can be searched using our software.
  • Colour, black and white, and sepia images are scanned separately and merged to ensure quality.
  • We perform page re-imposition and clean-up of every scan to ensure marks are removed and the text is straightened.
  • Every “article” in every issue is separately listed in the database, bespoke to your archive’s requirements.
  • Optional animated page turning feature
  • Superior levels of search features, with over 150 levels of Boolean search, if required. You choose the search criteria
  • Facility to export search results to an Excel-compatible spreadsheet, which can be helpful for research purposes.
  • Your finished product can be supplied as a Web site or standalone DVD-ROM, and is developed using your corporate identity and colours.
  • Unlimited users. Each can be issued with a personal username and password if you wish.
  • Control access of certain documentation, so that sensitive data can be made available for senior staff members only.
  • Full edit and upload facility for web site products. This enables you to keep the archive up-to-date.
  • Supplied with a complete back-up of scans, and all web site graphic and database files.
  • Each product is fully Microsoft compliant.
  • Web site hosting is included for your online archive, or it can be hosted internally on your own servers.
  • No licence fees. You will own the software, data, and web site or DVD that we produce for you.
  • There is no obligation to use SDS for any future scanning.
  • Collection and return of your archive in person by full-time members of SDS staff. No couriers used.