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SDS School Records Management (formerly SDS Education) is part of the SDS Group of companies. With offices in Dorset and Hampshire, the SDS Group is one of the UK’s leading private companies in the fields of scanning and archiving.

SDS School Records Management has operated for more than twenty years, and it proudly includes many HMC schools, FTSE100 and other public listed companies, as well as government and local authorities amongst its enormous list of satisfied clients.

Our scanning bureau is set-up to equally facilitate the scanning of bulk paperwork for archiving and database retrieval purposes, and for carefully digitally preserving copies of rare and fragile items for safe-keeping or further digital restoration.

We only build bespoke software solutions for our clients that are designed to  complement our document archiving services. We make available these archives across a range of media, including CD/DVD, USB memory stick, and via secure web sites (using our own servers and Amazon cloud-based solutions).

SDS School Records Management specialises in document scanning and management solutions specifically tailored for schools and universities. SDS Group’s other specialist areas include:

  • Human Resources
    Complete scanning and document management systems for HR and personnel files
  • Insurance
    Web-based systems specifically tailored for insurance claims handling, with secure document management and workflow
  • O&M
    Operations and Maintenance building manuals for the construction industry
  • Legal
    Effective document management and scanning services for legal LLPs and legal departments
  • Board and Secretariat
    Document management solutions for boards and secretariat departments to control the flow of paper
  • Property and Estates
    Document and information management for properties, estates, construction, legal and facilities
  • Pensions
    Document management and work-flow systems and scanning solutions for pensions departments
  • Livery
    Bespoke turnkey scanning, archiving and design solutions specific to livery companies.
  • Heritage
    Archiving of fragile, historical and precious artefacts and documentation
  • FM
    Improved productivity, real estate cost reduction,better business continuity and disaster recovery solutions for facilities managers.


About us

SDS Group is a specialist document scanning bureau, offering comprehensive scanning services (both bulk and specialised), and bespoke document management software solutions for schools.