HR & Staff Files

Are you thinking about what to do with your School’s Staff/HR records?
  • Have you got an audit in the next coming months where speed of access would be an advantage (Goddard/Jay Inquiry)?

  • Are these files taking up much needed space somewhere within your school?

  • Are you concerned they may not be as safe, secure or confidential as they should be?

SDS specialise in safely and securely digitising your staff/HR records, not only free up much needed space, but also to make sure that these records are available to quickly search through via secure software and that this system fully password protected.

SDS work with well over 250 schools, throughout the country, in digitising all aspects of school records. From there we can either just to simply scan your records, and supply back to you on a memory device, or offer a fully bespoke software solution.

SDS take the responsibility of pupil and staff records very seriously, and make sure that your records are never at risk. For example, SDS transport your files ourselves, so never rely on third party couriers. We have safe storage on site and every person that handles your files is a permanent member of staff.

The software we offer provides a comprehensive indexing system which can be tailored with your specific needs, giving you the ability to search through your records by name, year of entry, date of birth or any other criteria that makes it work for you. Never again does a member of staff need to search through a pile of files where information can get misplaced, damaged or destroyed.

List of Categories for Digital Personnel Files

  1. Recruitment details
    a. CV
    b. Job application form
    c. Interview Notes
    d. Identity Documents
    e. DBS Certificate
    f. Foreign Police Checks
    g. Personal & Finance Details
    h. Personal Declaration
    i. Staff Disqualification Declaration
    j. Employment Health Questionnaire
    k. Staff acceptable Use Policy Agreement
    l. Prohibition Checks
    m. References
    n. P45/Starter Checklist
  2. Personal Details a. Changes to Personal Details
  3. Tax Documents a. Changes to tax codes
  4. Absence
    a. Holiday Cards
    b. Self-Certification Forms
    c. Doctors Fitness Notes
    d. Return to Work documentation
    e. Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP)
    f. Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP)
    g. Statutory Adoption pay (SAP)
    h. Other Absences
  5. Contract & Pay
    a. Letter of Appointment
    b. Contract
    c. Job Description
    d. Probationary letters
    e. Changes to role
    f. Changes to pay and hours
    g. Risk Assessments
  6. Pension
    a. Pension Letters
    b. Pension Forms
    c. Retirement Letters
  7. Qualifications & Training
    a. Qualification Certificates
    b. Safeguarding Training Certificates
    c. Prevent Certificate
    d. Training Courses
    e. Training correspondence
    f. Other Training Certificates
    g. Assessments
  8. Performance Management
    a. Appraisals
    b. Disciplinary documentation
  9. Grievance
    a. Grievance Meetings & Letters
  10. Timesheets
    a. Timesheets
    b. Additional hours
  11. Occupancy
    a. Occupancy Letters
    b. Agreement Letters
  12. School Fees & Deductions
    a. Salary Sacrifice Letters
    b. School Fee Deduction Records
    c. Loan Repayments
    d. Other Deductions
  13. Leaving Documents
    a. Letter of Notice
    b. Acceptance of Notice
    c. Leaver’s P45
    d. Final Pay Details
    e. Retirement
    f. Redundancy
    g. Severance Pay
    h. Dismissal
    i. Holiday entitlement
    j. References for other posts
    k. Certificate of age exception