Chapter & Verse

Chapter and Verse
A complete, bespoke and flexible product aimed at controlling the rising requirement to govern and control compliance, procedure, policy and certification.

As a secondary school, you are required to keep up-to-date and relevant Certification, Compliance Documentation, Policy and Procedure documents.

Chapter and Verse provides an efficient document management tool to help achieve this. We provide a secure web-based system which manages and stores all of your school policies and other essential information.

Features include:

  • Traffic Light System to show status of document (expired, close to expiry/review, in date)
  • Completely Customisable Interface and Switchboard
  • Other event management modules and workflows
  • Full Reporting
  • Author and Owner Control
  • Full Audit Trail at every perceivable level and status
  • Multiple Role Based Access (from Student and Parent to Director)
  • Security status for each document
  • All Developed in Microsoft Development Suites (compatible with IE6 and above)

Typical policy sections might include the following, bu tthe precise categorisation is fully customisable to meet your particular requirements:

  • Safeguarding & Welfare of Children Policies
  • School Inspection Policies
  • School Health & Safety Policies
  • School Improvement Policies
  • School Curriculum Policies (General)
  • School Community Policies
  • School Environmental Policies
  • School Finance Policies
  • General School Policies
  • School Governors Policies
  • School Parents Policies
  • School Premises Policies
  • School Pupils Policies
  • School Staff Policies
  • School Educational Needs Policies

Chapter & Verse

Chapter & Verse is our bespoke secure web-based policy, procedure, certication and compliance document management system