With nearly 20 years’ experience working with UK schools, SDS School Records Management has created many bespoke systems for virtually all elements of records management across the many departments within schools.

We currently work with over 300 of the leading UK Independent Schools. Our range of solutions for School Records Administration System (SRAS) has been developed as a result of working with these different schools and their departments. It provides the ultimate solution to document management. One system that securely and efficiently encompasses all school records.

SDS has developed the SRAS document management system to enable you to efficiently control, manageand govern all the administrative records within your school, ensuring it remains ahead of the ever rising demand for legality and compliance. The secure web based system is icon driven, with each icon leading through to multiple levels below. Each department may have different security and access levels.

SRAS is designed to complements MIS and Financial Management Systems. Each departmental section is configured to the structure, layout and content of its documentation requirements. Key features and benefits include:

  • Aids and assists in School Inspections
  • Full audit trail
  • Expandable and flexible
  • Administrator edit facility
  • Multi level password security
  • Document upload facility
  • Access via PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablet devices
  • Simple to use and develop

The Traffic Light System

The SRAS “Traffic Light” warning system provides an instantly distinguishable colour-coded overview of documents due for renewal or expiry, which is essentialin this age of compliance. It is designed specifically to encompass the many different records that must be regularly reviewed, such as policies and procedures, health and safety documentation, insurance, servicing maintenance, and so on.

It clearly indicates:

  • Current records
  • Policies due for review or renewal
  • Overdue and expired documents
  • The person or department responsible for the update of that record.

Additionally, specific e-mail addresses can be input to ensure the responsible person is pre-warned of a document’s impending review date. Warning periods can be defined within the system, too.