Admissions Records

Admissions Records
Are your historic paper Admission Records clogging up the office (and cupboards in the school)?

Would you benefit from instant access to your records?

SDS have a secure and dedicated admissions records solution to convert those paper based records into instantly accessible files from your PC. This is particularly useful for audit purposes (or even the Goddard/Jay inquiry) or just to aid the speed of access of documents and reduce physical storage of historic paperwork and filing cabinets.

We are specialists in digitising school administrations records and are now working with over 250 independent schools throughout the UK since 1999.

Type of Documents

Details usually held on record or in file

  • Registration Form
    Usually contains Details of Prospective Pupil; details of Parents/Guardians; Education to Date; Other Information
  • Acceptance Letter
    Formal Offer of Place and Date of Entry
  • Appointment Letter
    Details of Entry Test appointments
  • Assessment Letter
    Details of Assessment Day
  • Test Results
    Results for Entry tests
  • Application Form
    Original Application Form for Enquiry
  • Reference Forms
    From Previous Schools etc
  • General Correspondence
    Misc Letters/Correspondence re application and entrance
  • Financial Details
    Statements of Financial Details/Bursaries/Endowments etc