Archivists Enquiry Tool

Archivists Enquiry Tool
A bespoke system designed and implemented to ease and manage the daily/weekly enquiries for the School Archivist and alumni/development team.

SDS Archivist’s Enquiry Tool CRM-style DB Key features

  • Developed using rapid prototyping techniques based on current use of excel spreadsheets, emails, telephone calls, letters and word documents etc
  • Developed using Microsoft tools and databases
  • Enquiry history section
  • Enquiry open/closed/complete function
  • Create a media library of content – organised by subject/directory/topic e.g. cricket, punishment
  • Task Scheduler with workflow
  • Drag N Drop of correspondence (scanned and/or email attachments)
  • Web based – iPad/tablet friendly
  • Extensive notes and memo fields
  • Recording of donations received
  • Report functions
  • Secure backup online and to School PC/usb memory stick
  • Multiple licences and read/edit access
  • SDS to provide hosting services for site – no annual charge
  • A complete bespoke and turnkey solution – easy to use
  • Future integration to include live enquiry service from provided SDS Digital Heritage Solution
  • Gmail email send to CRM service…..
  • Future link to Archive Manager Suite of Software
  • Ability to log and record the time taken/spent on each enquiry
  • Interactive e-Visitor Book Facility
  • Powerful search features (GOOGLE style and multi-lined BOOLEAN advanced search
  • Keyword, Subject and meta data allocation to each enquiry ( and library directory of content/media)
  • Ability for interested parties to raise their own enquiries to be followed up (if desirable!)