Pupil Leaver Files & Student Records

Student Records
The need to keep students’, staff and financial records for a long time can be a burden for you and your staff. Physically storing boxes or filing cabinets full of documents is cumbersome and fraught with potential problems.

The Problem

Not only do files and their storage methods take up valuable space and encumber staff with the inconvenience of leaving their desks to laboriously search through piles of documents, but irreplaceable items can also get misplaced, damaged or destroyed.

The Solution

SDS School Records Management offer a cost-effective and convenient solution to storing all student, staff and financial records, and any other archive materials too, by carefully scanning, storing and indexing these files. Once digitised, they can be made immediately accessible and fully searchable either online, via your school intranet or on CD-ROM or DVD. At the click of a mouse button you will have instant access to your otherwise cumbersome records.

Comprehensive Indexing

It’s not simply a matter of keeping records safe. We are also able to provide a comprehensive indexing system which can be tailored to meet your specific needs. No longer will you need to have files stored in bulky filing cabinets taking up valuable space. You can have full indexing of records, enabling you to search, for example, any file by student name, or year of entry, date of birth or any other criteria of your choosing. With our software, we are able to exactly mirror your existing document storage system, or even improve upon on it.

All school departments deal with a wide range of document types in their day-to-day running. Typical examples such as Student Leaver Records, Staff Records, and Bursar Records can be scanned, processed and added to our database system, making it easier to store and retrieve with them securely and quickly. All are fully indexed into their specific categories which is tailored to your current filing system.

Typical documents include

  • Basic student records eg starter sheets
  • Examples of student work (for younger ones)
  • Reports and Exam Results
  • General correspondence
  • Parent Consent Forms
  • Parent(s) & Guardian addresses
  • Medical
  • Financial (perhaps?)
  • Visa details (overseas)
  • UCAS applications etc
  • Disciplinary/Punishment type of documents
  • Photographs

Student Records

School records are documented evidence of what a school does. They contain information about a school’s operations, including its students, teachers, classes, facilities and finances.