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SDS now fully integrates with ToucanTech allowing full access to the SDS digital heritage archive solution - Happy Communities

Linking your digital archives with your alumni community

Schools often like to link their archives website to an online alumni community, so that former students and friends of the school can stay in touch and browse news, events and archive material all in one place.

SDS have partnered with ToucanTech, a comprehensive alumni and development software, to enable schools to link to their archives directly from their alumni website, with single-sign-on so that people can click straight through from the alumni community to the archives without having to sign-in again.

 This integration takes just a few minutes to set up if you’re already using SDS and ToucanTech – click at the bottom of this page to download the support guide!

If you don’t yet have an alumni community, or you’re interested in updating your alumni website or database, you can contact ToucanTech at or +44 203 189 1774.

The ToucanTech software encompasses a database, CRM, email, events, online payments, news, mentoring and more – so that you can manage all of your alumni, fundraising and careers activities in one system.