Estates Files, O&M and Plans

Estates Files, O&M and Plans
SDS Asbuilt O&M Archive is a bespoke web based platform designed with the specific task of storing and retrieving the many different records and documents relating to the property management of a school.

Our system is multi-platform and can be accessed with a computer, tablet or smartphone. It supports all associated types of documents, including:

  • Large Format Plans Schematics Maintenance schedules
  • O&M Files Project Files Certification
  • Deeds Photographs Management Files
  • Asbuilt Drawings CDM H&S

Our inexpensive system has no annual fees, so you own the license outright. It features a custom search function which enables searches using property name, document title, and even key words or phrases within the body text or record’s comments. We can put together an FM Living (hierarchical) Tree of all your current records, and create an easily searchable and safe virtual data room. This can provide you with a growing filing repository that occupies no space, and is totally robust from disaster.

Other system features include document management, workflow reports, audit trails, and logged access (both internally and externally) to all or selected files. The efficiency and security benefits of using a digitized system such as this one are numerous, and include:

  • Total security ensuring no documentation can be ever lost, damaged or misplaced
  • Fast access to all documentation, even when on site
  • Significant space savings and economies in administration
  • Recovery from disaster

Estates Files, O&M and Plans

SDS scan, convert and manage: CDM, O&M, H&S, M&E, Asbuilt Drawings, Project Directories, Maintenance Files, Building Certificates, Estates, House & Management Files